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Finalists of Share One Planet Competition

It is our pleasure to announce that the judges have selected the finalists of each category among hundreds of entries. The list is in no particular order. Winners shall be selected from the finalists. Please send your email to if any objection arises.

Entry: Loris Planet
Entrant: Antonio Javier Caparo

Entry: A Sliver of Sunlight
Entrant: Allen Douglas

Entry: At Home
Entrant: Tiago Da Silva

Entry: White-headed Langur
Entrant: Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura

Entry: Yunnan Elephant
Entrant: Andrew Shek

Entry: 方向
Entrant: 程睿

Entry: The Troop
Entrant: Andy Fairhurst

Entry: 寒香图
Entrant: 朱涛

Entry: 天堂的召唤
Entrant: 何一飞

Entry: Monkey Gang
Entrant: Malgorzata Arska

Mother’s love
Entry: Blissful Place
Entrant: Tiago Da Silva

Entry: 羽翼(金雕)
Entrant: 王东飞

Entry: Fragile
Entrant: Mateja Petkovic

Entry: On the ice
Entrant: Andrei Pervukhin

Entry: 欢爱
Entrant: 何平

Prey and Predator
Entry: The Moment
Entrant: Samantha Hogg

Entry: 出水out of water
Entrant: 邵建琳

Entry: 捕猎——西伯利亚虎和马鹿
Entrant: 王东飞

Entry: Testudo
Entrant: Anthony Wolff

Entry: in persuit of prey
Entrant: Bagus Hutomo

Entry: Shared Between Us
Entrant: Liam Peters

Entry: Don't send them to heaven, Be their angel!
Entrant: Nelsy Adriana Pérez Jiménez

Entry: Northern Goshawk
Entrant: Bianca Maria Draghici

Entry: Planning the Journey
Entrant: Ed Binkley

Entry: 自然组图——森林之语
Entrant: 何洁

Swan Lake
Entry: Veneration to the Sun
Entrant: Jennifer Miller

Entry: 天鹅湖
Entrant: 李亚军

Entry: 天伦
Entrant: 何一飞

Entry: Whooper Swans (Cygnus cygnus)
Entrant: Bill J. Unzen

Entry: I can fly
Entrant: 苏海涛

Digital Sculpture
Entry: Welcome Home
Entrant: Victor Hugo Aguilar Reyes

Entry: 小写意金丝猴
Entrant: 芦振宇

Entry: watcher (守望者)
Entrant: 许喆隆

Entry: Chinese Alligator
Entrant: 徐健

Entry: The protect
Entrant: Sutat palama