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Finalists of SOP Competition to be Announced

It is our pleasure to announce that each judge has completed the judging process and, the finalists of SOP competition is going to be announced.

The judging board includes: Mark Snowswell, Arnie & Cathy Fenner, Terryl Whitlatch, James Gurney, Duan Jia, Lu Shengzhang, Xi Zhinong, Yu Yanfei, and Ding Yuguang. They are the seniors in CG art field, traditional art field and wildlife protection field invited by the SOP Organizing  Committee. You can find their information at this page:

Till now we’ve received the choices from all judges. The finalists list will come out according to the choices and will be published when ready. We will email and tell the entrants the information about the finalists as well as the award list.

Thanks to all entrants for the concern and supports of the contest. Let us wait for the announcement of finalists.