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Special Featured Project “Swan Lake”
Special Featured Project “Swan Lake”
Swan Lake
  Rongcheng Swan Lake, it is the largest winter swan habitat in China, and one of the top four swan lakes in the world. Covering an area of 10,500 hectares, the Rongcheng Swan Nature Reserve encompasses the Moon Lake, Fish-breeding Pond, Bahe Reservoir and Changshan coastal forest. The area is actually made up of several bays along more than 500 kilometres of Rongcheng's shore.   

  The area is a sanctuary for 153 species of birds, six of them under State first-level protection and 17 under State second-level protection. The lake area also nurtures many kinds of algae, crabs and sea cucumbers. Zosterophyllum, a kind of algae, is the swans' favorite food. From late November to next March tens of thousands of swans, egrets, grey cranes and other birds fly here for winter from Siberia and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, It is honored as the Eastern Kingdom of Swans.
Doctor Duan and his friends’ “Swan Lake Complex”
  Doctor Duan Jia, from Beijing Film Academy, and his friends, have been busy for wild animals protection for years. In order to produce a film for the Swan Lake, they went there every winter in six years. Here they witness swan’s angelical beauty and its loyalty to its spouse and family till the last moment. Many people’s soul are refined when they take photographs. However, though the Swan Lake has been granted “state-level scenic spots” and “state- level nature reserve” in 1997, the environment of wetland here has not been better, which is a real pity.
  Crepehangers say the holy land will disappear forever. But Duan and his friends think it is still reasonable to restore the wetland. They have a suggestion of Wetland Ecosystem Restoration, that the only way of wetland ecosystem restoration is divert the lake water in, and plant reeds, which idea is generated after many discussion and researches with the local peasants and experts. If people can make this idea a reality, the seawater here will blend with fresh water; beautiful reeds will grow beyond the swan’s nests, which is also a natural shelter for birds to live in winter. As time goes, along with the ecosystem’s restoration, swan will regain its food chain, and we will have the beautiful scene again: clean water, gold beach and blue sky with delightful climate.   

  Through the movie they made, Duan and his friends appeal to people to join the “Swan Lake Wetland Ecosystem Restoration” project.   
“Swan Lake”---Special Category of the “Share One Planet” Competition
  Nevertheless, Duan realized that their strength is very weak, for what they can do is only appealing, but rare to have the opportunity to take some real action for the project. Knowing this, the organizers of “Share One Planet” competition decided to give special support to the “Swan Lake wetland Ecosystem Restoration” project: to set a special category for the Swan Lake! By this special category and their artworks, CG artists might call on more people pay more attention on nature and the swan lake, in order to get more support to the Swan Lake project, both mentally and physically.