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About Us
1.Our Idea
  At present, species existence crisis, including mankind, is more and more serious in the world. To protect wild animals is no longer a charity to the nature, but also a kind of self-rescue to mankind. It is the inevitable course to live peacefully with nature if we want to have a continuing and developing life.
  Organized by Wild Animals Cultural Project Fund, China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture, China Institute of Strategy and Management, International Association of Computer Graphic Artists and China Association for Global Development under the United Nations, “Share One Planet Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition” is such a competition:
  ----It restores and perfects the beauty of nature through computer graphics;
  ----It gets the distance between mankind and animals closed;
  ----It sings praises of life and nature through fantastic CG artworks;
  ----It calls on people back to nature and to protect wild animals through CG artworks.
2.Competition Goal
  The organizers hope that this competition can call on global CG art elites to protect wild animals; and they will use CG art, the new and developing art in the world, to create more and much better wild animals’ artworks to serve ecology protection.
1) China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture
  Wild animals cultural project fund, China foundation for the development of social culture, is a national public -raising foundation which is under control of the PRC Ministry of Culture. And approved by the People's Bank of China in the year of 1992.And it was registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC in 1993. (public-raising fund ID NO. 0017), The noted master of drama Cao yu is the founder. Xu Jialu is named the honorary president who is a famous educational expert. Wild animals cultural project fund is an exclusive fund set under China foundation for the development of social culture.
2) China Institute of Strategy and Management (CISM)
  China Institute of Strategy and Management (“CISM”) is a national first-grade academic group registered on June 17, 1989 under the ratification of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC. It is a national comprehensive strategic research organization, bringing together professional scholars from national economic, political, cultural, social, and military circles in conjunction with a large group of fruitful amateur theoretical researchers. CISM aims to provide strategic decision-making consultation and policy proposals for the fundamental interest as well as the long-run development of the country and people. A dozen of well-known senior political activists, diplomatists, militarists, economists, and litterateurs at home and abroad serve as senior advisors. CISM has built good relationship with international and domestic governmental organizations, academic bodies, and NGOs. Internationally known as the “strategic think tank of China”, it plays an important role in the field of civil diplomacy. The Strategy and Management magazine sponsored by CISM is internationally called the oriental Foreign Affairs.
  The International Association of Computer Graphics Artists (IACGA) was founded in the United States, is aimed at a convergence of the world's most outstanding CG artists and organizations. The Association in the United States experienced a number of film and television, games, animation, launched the field of CG artists, and has now brought together a large number of North America's top CG artists, and now plans cooperation with other regions of the world's CG art institutions. IACGA will bring the world's best CG artists together to jointly promote the development of CG art.
4) China Association for Global Development under the United Nations
  China Association for Global Development under the United Nations, registered in New York, America, is a NGO under United Nations leading and running legally as an independent legal entity.
5) leewiART International Computer Graphic(CG) Art Promoting Organization
  As an international CG promoting organization, leewiART dedicates to elevating the value and the importance of CG art in contemporary art. We sign and promote talented artists and actively transform the digital work into tangible fine art for collection . We also explore and expand the new territory of CG art, by organizing high-end CG art exhibitions, competitions and social and charity events annually. Thanks to all the efforts listed above, we are able to set up a comprehensive platform for CG art.
6) Beijing Imperial Court Development Company Ltd.
  Beijing Imperial Court Development Company Ltd. is a company specializing in historical art works. With the launch of this brand and the idea of developing and producing the Chinese royal elaborate art works, Beijing Imperial Court Development Company Ltd. is devoted to spreading the historical and splendid Chinese culture all over the world by combing Chinese royal culture with modern arts.
Contact Us
Contact Us
Organizing Committee
Address: Building 16, Diaoyutai Guest House, 2 Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Executive Committee
Address: 4C-606 Houxiandaicheng, Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 8610-87765102
Contacts: Mr. Ding
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Please let We know if you have any question about the competition. You are suggested to send email to us.
Contacts: Ms. Liu, Ms. Zhao
Tel: 8610-87765102