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  Civilization and harmony are the trends both time and human society follow. However, a further trend is that animals die out while buildings spring up. While humans enjoy rapid economy development, wild animals’ living conditions become worse. Birds lose their companions and beasts lose their herds. The weak and disappearing biological chain sounds an alarm for worldwide environment protection. In the last 100 years, species’ extinction has been 100 times faster than the natural rate; every day over 100 species disappear from the world forever. However, even today, human understanding of wild animals’ protection is vague, which is a worrying situation.
  “Share One Planet” Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition is the first global competition of the “Share One Planet” series. The competition will invite CG masters worldwide to take part. Winners will be rewarded with cash, but also the winners will receive specially-designed golden, silver and copper trophies. The winning entries of the competition will be first exhibited in China and then toured internationally in an exhibition. Organizers hope the platform of “Share One Planet” can be built for encouraging artists to create meaningful and inspiring CG works and for promoting great CG artists, raising attention to wild animals and the protection of the global environment, using the power of Art.   
Competition Schedule
Submission: August 1st, 2010 - April 20th, 2011 23:59 (BJT, GMT+8)
Judging: May 1st, 2011 - June 1st, 2011
Awards Announcement: June 15th, 2011
China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture
  Wild animals cultural project fund, China foundation for the development of social culture, is a national public -raising foundation which is under control of the PRC Ministry of Culture. And approved by the People's Bank of China in the year of 1992.And it was registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC in 1993. (public-raising fund ID NO. 0017), The noted master of drama Cao yu is the founder. Xu Jialu is named the honorary president who is a famous educational expert. Wild animals cultural project fund is an exclusive fund set under China foundation for the development of social culture.
China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture
China Institute of Strategy and Management (CISM)
  China Institute of Strategy and Management (“CISM”) is a national first-grade academic group registered on June 17, 1989 under the ratification of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC. It is a national comprehensive strategic research organization, bringing together professional scholars from national economic, political, cultural, social, and military circles in conjunction with a large group of fruitful amateur theoretical researchers. CISM aims to provide strategic decision-making consultation and policy proposals for the fundamental interest as well as the long-run development of the country and people. A dozen of well-known senior political activists, diplomatists, militarists, economists, and litterateurs at home and abroad serve as senior advisors. CISM has built good relationship with international and domestic governmental organizations, academic bodies, and NGOs. Internationally known as the “strategic think tank of China”, it plays an important role in the field of civil diplomacy. The Strategy and Management magazine sponsored by CISM is internationally called the oriental Foreign Affairs.
China Institue of Strategy and Management (CISM)
  The International Association of Computer Graphics Artists (IACGA) was founded in the United States, is aimed at a convergence of the world's most outstanding CG artists and organizations. The Association in the United States experienced a number of film and television, games, animation, launched the field of CG artists, and has now brought together a large number of North America's top CG artists, and now plans cooperation with other regions of the world's CG art institutions. IACGA will bring the world's best CG artists together to jointly promote the development of CG art.
International Association of Computer Graphics Artists
China Association for Global Development under the United Nations
  China Association for Global Development under the United Nations, registered in New York, America, is a NGO under United Nations leading and running legally as an independent legal entity.
China association for global development under the united nations
Executive Organizers
Executive Organizers
leewiART International Computer Graphic(CG) Art Promoting Organization
  As an international CG promoting organization, leewiART dedicates to elevating the value and the importance of CG art in contemporary art. We sign and promote talented artists and actively transform the digital work into tangible fine art for collection . We also explore and expand the new territory of CG art, by organizing high-end CG art exhibitions, competitions and social and charity events annually. Thanks to all the efforts listed above, we are able to set up a comprehensive platform for CG art.
Beijing Imperial Court Development Company Ltd.
  Beijing Imperial Court Development Company Ltd. is a company specializing in historical art works. With the launch of this brand and the idea of developing and producing the Chinese royal elaborate art works, Beijing Imperial Court Development Company Ltd. is devoted to spreading the historical and splendid Chinese culture all over the world by combing Chinese royal culture with modern arts.
Beijing Imperial Court Development Company Ltd.
SOP Judges
SOP Judges
 We share a common heritage in this one miraculous world we all call home... but to understand something you have to be able to see it first. Visualizing the harmony and joy of our relationship with the animals reminds us all of our shared heritage and responsibility.
  The greatest thing any of us can do is leave this world better for having lived in it. Share One Planet is admirable in its goal to reveal and reward images harmony between people and animals – an essential component of a bountiful and healthy world that we all share. 
Paul Hellard
Mark Snoswell
Dr. Mark Snowswell is the President of The CGSociety, the well known society of digital artists. At the same time, he is also the Director of Ballistic Media and the CEO of Snoswell Design.
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Ballistic Media:
Snowswell Design:
 It is an honor for us to be a part of the Share One Planet Wild Animals Competition. We feel that protection of all aspects of the environment is an important movement which should be supported by everyone. The growing numbers of threatened animal species is an urgent situation that can only be addressed through awareness and education; this show will hopefully be a vibrant step toward raising everyone's consciousness. It will be exciting to see the wonderful works of these CG artists which will help promote the protection of the environment and the precious wildlife that inhabits our world. 
Paul Hellard
Cathy Fenner
Arnie& Cathy Fenner are the Directors of Spectrum Fantastic Art Spectrum.
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 When artists portray animals, they point out the beauty and the fragility of life, and in that, how exceedingly precious that life is; once the genetics of any given species vanishes, those blueprints are gone forever. Thus, rather than our art to tragically become a sad memorial, let it become a rallying banner to save the diverse fellow beings who share our planet. 
Paul Hellard
Terryl Whitlatch
Terryl Whitlatch was born in Oakland, California, and started drawing at less than three years of age. Blessed with a mother who was, and still is, a talented artist-illustrator, and a father who taught biology, her fascination with animals started early. Countless weekends were spent visiting zoos, aquariums, and museums, and her father was constantly bringing home mounted skeletons, creatures preserved in jars, and living animals as well - chicken hatchlings, bullfrogs, iguanas, and insects.
After studying illustration at the California College of Arts and the Academy of Art University, Terryl began a career that has spanned over 25 years. She has worked with many major studios and effects houses as a highly sought after creature and concept designer. Clients include Industrial Light and Magic, Lucas Film Ltd., Pixar, Walt Disney Feature Animation, PDI, Entertainment Arts, LucasArts, Chronicle Books, and various zoos and natural history museums.
She also is the creator and illustrator of three books, The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide , The Katurran Odyssey, and the newly released Animals Real and Imagined.
 I'm honored to be a part of "Share One Planet". I believe artists have an important role to play in expressing our appreciation of the amazing creatures, past and present, who have shared the earth with us humans. 
Paul Hellard
James Gurney
James Gurney is an artist known for his plein-air landscape paintings, as well as his award-winning illustrations of fantasy and historical subjects. He is also known as the author and illustrator of the best-selling illustrated book series, Dinotopia.
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 To take care of the lives on the earth is the mission of humankind when they are created. But now we have lost the respect to nature and lives. The infinitely expanded desires, waste and rape of resources lead to many species’ rapid extinction. But we forget that we are also one of them.
Humankind will disappear as long as the beautiful fellows die out. To save the nature, the earth and the living environment of other creatures is to save ourselves.
Share one planet has raised one flag and undertaken an impressive feat. It has attracted thousands of artists who always pay close attention to ecology and love animals to create great artworks with their love from heart and sound the warning. Let’s call on more people to engage in rebuilding our home. 
Paul Hellard
Duan Jia
Duan Jia was ever the animation producer/director of China Central Television, and now is the professor of Animation School of Beijing Film Academy as well as the member of Association International du Film d'Animation and the guest professor of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.
In 2005 and 2006, the 3D artistic animation. She won ten international and domestic awards.
In 2007, she was invited to give a lecture tour and introduce China’s animation art in American western coast cities.
In 2008, as the curator from Beijing, she held International New Media Art Exhibition with the theme of environmental protection, working with American common platform. (They collected entries from over 40 countries)
In 2009, she is the judge in the preliminary selection of Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival and also the judge in the final selection of Zagreb International Cartoon and Animation Festival.
Since 2005, she has devoted herself in China’s environmental protection career and continued to go to Swan Lake in Shandong and shoot films Song of Swan Lake about environment protection for six years.
 Humans and animals should always coexist equally. Let’s take action to protect our friends and share our home. 
Paul Hellard
Lu Shengzhang
Professor ,Chairman of Academic committee of Animation and Digital art school of Communication University of China.
Director of Animated Film.
Member of Chinese Artists Association ,Member of standing committee of China Animation Association . Member of directing committee for art education of college ,Education ministry,PRC . Member of Academic committee of China Ad. Association .

2010 Judge of Shanghai international TV Festival ,Shanghai, China.
2009 Judge of the 4 th China International Animation and Comic Festival, China.
2006 Judge of the International Animation Festival Anecy , France.
2002 Judge of the 49th International Advertising Festival Cannes, France.
1998 Judge of Asia and Pacific International Advertising Festival, Thailand.
 More artists will be impacted to join in the natural protection through images. 
Paul Hellard
Xi Zhinong
As a famous wild animal photographer in China, he always devotes himself into the shooting and protection of the wild animals. He shows the rhinopithecus bieti which is rarely known by people to the public, thereby saves the wildwood of their habitat. He reports the situation of violently hunting and killing Tibetan antelope at the earliest and promotes the protection of them. He is the first Chinese to win the endangered species award in British Annual Wildlife Photograph Competition, and also the only one from China in International League of Conservation Photographers. He is regarded as one of the 40 most influential natural photographers in the world by the British Outdoor Photography magazine.
 Remember natural lives with gratitude
Save the soul of humans
Inspire the intelligence of life
Create wealth of civilization. 
Paul Hellard
Yu Yanfei
Yu Yanfei is the Secretary-General of Wildlife Cultural Project Fund Management, and the Commission Executive Deputy Secretary-General of China Institute of Strategy and Management.
 Show the beauty and mystery of the wild animals by means of art. Call on more people to take part in the actions of protecting wild animals. 
Paul Hellard
Ding Yuguang
Ding Yuguang is a famous drama photographer in China. Now he occupies the post of executive deputy secretary general in China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture.
Executive Advisors
Executive Advisors
Executive Advisors are brain-trust of the SOP project, and they support the SOP project in the ways below:
1. Give proper suggestions and opinions to SOP’s major development;
2. Recommend artists and judges to SOP;
3. Search cooperative possibilities for SOP project on certain fields, say environmental protection, wild animal’s protection, and the media, etc.
With the world clambering for profits and superiority every waking minute, it is good to find a promotion bringing other life forms to the foreground. Bringing the survival of our wild animals into focus is one great way to ensure people realize we have the planet on loan.
Paul Hellard
Paul Hellard
Paul Hellard is editor of CGSociety and assistant editor of the Ballistic book series at Ballistic Publishing. He has written for other industry magazines in his native Australia as well as wrangled comedy scripts and shot TV news and a couple of TVCs. With a varied career as sound recordist, focus puller, cinematographer and production manager in film and TV behind him, Paul Hellard has finally allowed his vocation to align with his passionate interest in the Internet, cinema and digital arts. He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
CG art creates fantasy world beyond the real one, and which shows human’s avoidance towards the reality. May draw our attention back to the world, and let us face the lonely star we are living in, we can get a clearer understanding to ourselves, and recognize our role and situation in the world.
Zhuo Yu
Zhuo Yu
Fujian, China. Zhuo Yu is an Illustrator, freelancer, and senior acquisitions editor of magazines and has in book edit field for many years. Once worked as the editor of “Fantasy”- the first magazine specified in introduces western CG, cartoon and illustration, now he is the senior acquisitions editor of “creative graphic world (cgw)” - a CG magazine with 10 years’ history. At which he is in charge of the communication, interview, edition as well as feature’s acquisitions. The first interview of Chinese paper Medias to the creative teams of “Avatar” and “Final Fantasy XIII”, is made by him.
All life forms have reasons of being in the world. Have experienced a lot, they, the same as human, turn to the figures like today we can see. However, as a creature with high intelligence, we have a heavy responsibility on our shoulder. Please don’t take the weapon protected us as the murder weapon against other creatures when we are at the top position of the biosphere by our wisdom, courage and hard working, because they are also the master of this planet! The doomed consequence of lose “companions” and violate the rules of nature is: we die too.
Weiye Yin
Weiye Yin
Weiye Yin is Oil painter, 2D and 3D concept artist, illustrator.Creating CG artwork (2D & 3D) since 1997 (before was an oil painter).Working in video game industry for 10 years, being involved with nearly 100 projects. Works appear in following famous international CG annals:《Elemental 2》,《Elemental 3》,《Expose 4》,《Expose 5》,《Expose 6》,《Painter》,《Exotique 2》,《Exotique 3》,《Digital Art Masters: Volume 4》Expose 5 Master Award winner in "Cityspaces" category.
Share One Planet, an international art pageant, is the combination of the latest creation methods and the theme of environmental protection. It is the perfect opportunity to the promotion of enterprise’s brand, and to the showcase of products. Moreover, all donation will goes to Wild Animals Cultural Project Fund, China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture.
For sponsor details, please contact:
Steve Yuan
TEL: 086-010-87765102, 086-13901223282