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Xi Zhinong is Invited as the Judge of SOP Competition

Xi Zhinong accepted the invitation from the Organizing Committee of taking the judge position of Share One Planet competition. We are proud to publish this news and, we believe his participation not only guarantees the professionalism of this competition, but also is a generous support and contribution to the global wild life protection.


Xi Zhinong's comment on Share One Planet:

More artists will be impacted to join in the natural protection through images.

--- Xi Zhinong


About Xi Zhinong

As a famous wild animal photographer in China, he always devotes himself into the shooting and protection of the wild animals. He shows the rhinopithecus bieti which is rarely known by people to the public, thereby saves the wildwood of their habitat. He reports the situation of violently hunting and killing Tibetan antelope at the earliest and promotes the protection of them. He is the first Chinese to win the endangered species award in British Annual Wildlife Photograph Competition, and also the only one from China in International League of Conservation Photographers. He is regarded as one of the 40 most influential natural photographers in the world by the British Outdoor Photography magazine.