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Artist Personal Panel
Intrayuth Tepakun
Intrayuth Tepakun
Nationnality: Thailand
City: Bangkok
Finished Works
The faithful of elephant.
Title: The faithful of elephant.
Upload date: 2011-04-20
Category: Harmony (digital painting)
Animal(s) : Elephas maximus
Tools: Photoshop CS
Elephant is the spiritual of Southeast Asia. In the past elephant still in every faith, still in every distinction and still in every generati... [All]
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Intrayuth Tepakun
Date:2011-04-20 | Quote | #1
My WIP "The Faithful of elephant"
I knew this news almost too late.
But eventually made ​​it completed on the time.
Elephant is an animal I loved.
I tried to draw it carefully . Because elephants are the differences, between African elephants and Asian elephants,and do it in my style.